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E.A.R.A Equine & Animal Rescue Association

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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. On this page we'll present some details about our organization and the people behind it.

Who We Are

We are loving Equine and animal owners just like you. We are a small group trying to make a difference for what we believe in, and that is the just treatment to all creatures of this earth.
A domesticated animal should not be introduced to the inhmane conditions of its owner, A wild Animal should not loose habitat or go extinct to further the human need for the luxury of its land. 

Rick Debattista & Susan Ashley

Rick Debattista is one of our directors and has had animals from the age of rcolection. He is had the spot for in his heart for the animal Kingdome from his youth and it has never left him. Rick Works as a Financial Consultant full time and a horse trainner all the time.
Susan is a  also a director a country girl in city shoes making a living as V.P. in the direct mail industry and is also an avid horse owner and animal activast, saving anthing from sealguls to Elephants.
Together Rick and Susan met through there love of animals on a farm they both boarded at.  Since then their interests grew and they found they had more in common then just the horses and animals. Today they reside on a 100 acre farm in Caledon were they spend much of their time devoted to the animals and thier recue efforts.

Our Programs

We offer service provided through donation. Through those donations we will build up enough resorces to lobby Parliment to impliment changes in the Animal Cruelty Act. We provide homes for horses that are dicplaced and find them homes according to their needs and ability.
We offer funding to qualified people  and charities to adress the needs of animals be it their own pets or a situation they have come across. For example funding for emergency Vetrinary Work. 

Our Location  Caledon Ontario

Thank You